The Island Kids Cancer Association

It started 12 years ago when Susan Kerr’s son, Jacob, was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. Months of treatment followed with endless trips to Vancouver.

What was different about Susan’s experience was her decision to help families who were on the same difficult road. She started with advocacy trying to work with banks and politicians to raise awareness about the severe financial challenges families faced. This grew into a fledgling program supported by Vancouver based BC Childhood Cancer Parents Association.This program ended in 2016, but the need to expand support for island children and address the many challenges that local families faced continued to grow.

With a small group of volunteers, Susan started again. On Dec. 6, 2016 the Island Kids Cancer Association became a reality.

The CARE4KIDS program is designed to give practical help to kids and families wherever they are in the cancer journey. Now only months into our program, we are excited to share our progress.

But this is just the beginning.

We will continue to expand community support for all of our special kids and make sure families know that they are not alone.

In February 2017, Susan learned her son had a second cancer.  She will continue to lead the program while supporting him through the next eight months of treatment.

Her experience is a stark reminder about why we are here and it motivates us to work hard to make a difference.


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